Lift Without Risk: The Acupuncture Facial

Facial Rejuvenation


Using traditional medicine for cosmetic enhancement is not a new trend. Most cosmetic procedures were originally developed in hopes of improving scars, skin conditions, and disorders resulting from birth defects, injury, or disease. Like most surgical procedures, these are often quite invasive techniques requiring significant recovery time. So if this idea of enduring scalpels and hospital wards in search of eternal youth makes you queasy, Eastern medicine thankfully provides a much more palatable alternative.

The acupuncture facial, or acupuncture face-lift, uses ancient Chinese medicine to treat skin from the inside out. Acupuncture's fundamental concept is the notion of balance. For example: night balances day, and light balances dark. Acupuncturists similarly apply this principle, also depicted through the terms "ying" and "yang", to the body. During acupuncture therapy, practitioners seek to treat a number of medical problems through balancing the body and restoring the normal flow of energy, or "Qi".

Acupuncture facials adapt this concept of traditional Chinese medicine to reach an aesthetic goal. During an acupuncture facial treatment, small needles are used to stimulate circulation, boost collagen production and plump fine facial wrinkles. The resulting "lift" is why the procedure is often considered an alternative to the traditional face-lift and not simply a replacement for spa facials.

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